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FloppyCopy 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 18th Jun 2018
Ship will be available in release 0.7.8
Citadel size of Stalingad is also increased, so it is not as much OP as before. But still a really good ship.
Will be available for the new currency (coal and steel).
Existing Stalingrad flags will be exchanged to a certain amount of new currency. Keep this, and use it on the Stalingrad when its released. Dont buy flags or other stuff before this.

2nd Jul 2018 FloppyCopy
New info: just keep STEEL. No problem using coal on flags and stuff you need.
If you want Stalingrad, keep the STEEL you have already.
When you buy Stalingrad you have to use steel from 3 seasons of clan battle + discound coupon.
You will get a new coupon after buying Stalingrad.
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