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Welcome to the GOLD-clan webpage!
World of Warships clan created 19th January 2017

Meaning: Gang of Old Lazy Dudes
Current age span: 18-40s
Member count: 24
Countries: Norway, UK, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Serbia and more
Voice chat: TS & Discord (feel free to check it out: ... y)

Started out as a small group of individuals who liked playing double Kutuzovs and other OP ships. Slowly transformed into more and more competetive group. Now we have a goal of competing with the top teams in EU, which we partially do already, while drinking coffee.

Reqruitement info:
Professional gang of nostalgics, focusing on winning battles with superior tactics, while drinking coffee.
We are not full-time competetive players, but we've still managed to beat some of the best clans in EU.
So whoever thinks he has a decent understanding of the game mechanics and wants to be competetive, we offer competetive environments in Clan Battles and maybe King of the Seas in the future.
But you are also welcome, if you wanna be more casual but play to be as good as possible with enough awareness of whats going on. (WARNING: This does not include players that do not think about what they are doing and like to lean back more! )
Regardless of what type you might be, we all try to improve in game.
A lot of members are not as old as you would probably think at first. Think of the "Old" more as an "ol'". But we have to check firmly if you are lazy enough to join . Message FloppyCopy or slenderman478 if you want to join and think you might have what it takes.
(Indiviudual stats are taken into consideration)

Clan Wars history:
Season1 - Typhoon League 1 - Top 20 teams
Season2 - Typhoon League 2
Season3 - Typhoon League 3
Season4 - Hurricane League
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Clan Wars - S04 - END
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